Maestri d’Organo e Compositori a Mantova - Vol. 3

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Carlo Benatti
Maestri d’Organo e Compositori a Mantova - Vol. 3

This is the third album dedicated by Carlo Benatti, organist, pianist and composer from Mantua, to musicians who composed works for organ from his town, or strictly connected to his region by cultural reasons. The works included in this release have been recorded in four different organs, all located in the North Italy. Of a certain interest the works by Ettore Campogalliani, the teacher of famous opera singers such as Pavarotti, Tebaldi, Scotto, LabÃ?, and Raimondi. Born in Mantua in 1963, organist, pianist, and choir director Carlo Benatti has given concerts in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Croatia, and the US. Ionally sung during Easter celebrations. His original piece on the present album is an elaboration on the sequenza Victimae Paschali Laudes for voice and organ in alternatim which is traditionally sung during Easter celebrations.
This is a tribute to how the Mass was performed before the Vatican Council, when a line of Gregorian chant was first sung by the choir then played by the organ which elaborated on the melody in terms of harmony, counterpoint and imitation.

Carlo Benatti :
1. Victimae Paschali Laudes
Mario Pettorelli :
2. Kincumber (Arr. For Organ)
3. Offertorium In Festo Pentecostes Supra “veni Sancte Spiritus”
Vigilio Piubeni :
4. Ave Maria
5. Variazioni Sul Tema Gregoriano Della “salve Regina”
Ettore Campogalliani :
6. Preghiera a Vespro
7. Fuga Á 4 Voci In F-Sharp Minor
8. Fuga Á 4 Voci In G Major
9. Fuga Á 3 Voci In A Minor

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