The Punk Singles Collection

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Formed in 1978 in the smalltown of Peacehaven by Del Strangefish and Pete Bywaters, Peter & The Test Tube Babies have been one of the most representative and longest running UK OI! bands ever. Unlike most bands of this ilk, their line-up remained pretty stable through the years, mostly thanks to Peter and Del never giving up the ghost. This unique collection gathers together the A and B sides from the Test Tubes early, most successful years starting with their 1982 debut single on the legendary No Future label, up to their later hits on Jungle and Trapper Records ending 1985. This essential collection provides a close look at the band’s peak, and includes the UK Indie Chart hits “Banned From The Pubs” (#10), “Run Like Hell” (#2), “Zombie Creeping Flesh” (#2), “Blown Out Again” (#40), “Wimpeez” (#8) and “Keys Of The City” (#14).Side A:1. Banned From The Pubs 2. Moped Lads 3. Peaceheaven Wild Kids 4. Run Like Hell 5. Up Yer Bum 6. Zombie Creeping Flesh 7. No Invitation 8. Smash And Grab 9. The Jinx 10. Trapper Ain’t Got A BirdSide B:1. Wimpeez 2. Never Made It 3. Blown Out Again 4. Rotting In The Fart Sack 5. Ten Deadly Sins 6. Spirit Of Keith Moon 7. Boozanza 8. Alcohol 
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