JEDBA - Spiritual Music from Morocco

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Date de disponibilité : 2019-02-15
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Abel Damoussi and Nour Eddine, musicians and producers of Moroccan music, present Jedba, immersing Marrakech in Sufi celebration. In the unifying spirit of the jedba ritual, producers, special guests and street musicians come together in spontaneity, united in the love of the Divine.

Nour Eddine Fatty’s composition is part of the Vatican classical music archives and was selected for the 2010 London Classical Award.
Abel wrote the philosophy and the lyrics of the album Yed El Henna with the renowned group Fnaire
1. Jedba (Trance) - 10:54
2. Sabaato Rijal (Seven Saints of Marrakech) - 5:07
3. Spiritual Mawal (Light of the Star) – 3:11
4. Allah Hay (God is Alive) - 10:10
5. Arrahmane (Spiritual Desert Voice from the Moroccan Sahara) - 4:03
6. Ziyara (A Song of Pilgrimage) - 3:21
7. Assalat Al Machichiya (A Sufi Prayer) - 6:53
8. Tazalit (Spiritual Berber Voice from the Atlas Mountains) - 5:34
9. Lailaha illa Allah (One God) - 4:38
10. Adan (A Call to Prayer) - 3:07

Total playing time: 57:27 min.

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