Mozart - Preussische Quartette

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1. I. Allegretto - Stradivari Quartett2. Ii. Andante3. Iii. Menuetto. Allegretto4. Iv. Allegretto5. I. Allegro - Stradivari Quartett6. Ii. Larghetto7. Iii. Menuetto. Moderato8. Iv. Allegro Assai9. I. Allegro Moderato - Stradivari Quartett10. Ii. Andante11. Iii. Menuetto. Allegretto12. Iv. AllegroXiaoming WANG, violin (Aurea 1715)Sabastian BOHREN, violin ( King George 1710)Lech Antonio USZYNSKI, viola ( Gibson 1734)Maja WEBER ( Suggia 1717)Mozart's Prussian Quartets are not as Prussian as the title suggests. Despite assumptions about an explicit commission from the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II, there is no evidence of this. The quartets were not even composed in Prussia. The Prussian Quartets are the last set of string quartets Mozart composed before his premature death. Although the set was planned to comprise six quartets, only three were published: K575 in D major, K589 in B flat major and K590 in F major. They were written in 1789 and 1790.The Stradivari Quartet is among the few ensembles in the world performing exclusively on instruments of the famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari. Each of the four instruments has its own history and some have travelled far and wide. They are today all in the possession of the Habisreutinger Foundation and are on loan to the Stradivari Quartet.
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