Playin’ Up a Storm

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1. Lovin' Up A Storm2. Everything I Do Is Wrong3. Think It Over4. Boll Weevil Song5. Livin' Lovin' Wreck6. One Long Kiss7. Dixie Fried8. Down The Line9. Fabulous10. Breathless11. Rave On12. Lonely Weekend13. Burn Up14. EverydayBefore the name Jimmy Page became synonymous with Led Zeppelin and Hard Rock guitar, the guitarist was a much sought-after session player, appearing on an assortment of artists' recordings. Jimmy touched upon a variety of musical styles throughout his career, and these fourteen tracks - which he also co-produced - can be effectively placed in the 1960s Rock genre. Guitarist Albert Lee, the other great "axe man" on this album, spent the mid-'60s as a top R&B guitarist in England, but reinvented himself in the 70s as one of the most excellent Rockabilly and Country pickers in the world, subsequently becoming one of the most in-demand session players in Nashville and Los Angeles. He also spent many years playing alongside the Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris and Eric Clapton. These recordings are a wonderful presentation of Jimmy Page and Albert Lee's development as two of the world's most impressive guitarists, and are well worth a listen to by anybody that admires their fretwork.
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