Plenty Good People

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1. Brother River 2. Hard Rock Arkansas 3. Plenty Good People 4. I'm Waitin' 5. Living With A Loaded Gun 6. I'm Just Free 7. A Matter Of Professional Pride 8. Woman Up In Dallas, Woman In New Orleans 9. A Step Away From Homeless 10. Me and PaulRecorded with Richard J. Dobson (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), W.C. Jameson (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Andre Mathews (Electric & Lead Guitar), Kenny Williams (Bass), Lynette Perkins (percussion, Harmony Vocals), Franci Jarrard (Accordion, Keyboards, Harmony Vocals) & Rick DInsmore (Harmony Vocals).Richard Dobson - following Nancy Griffith "The Hemingway of Country Music" - has written great songs and one of them "Baby Ride Easy" can be heard on the latest album of Johnny Cash! But there was plenty before and I am sure most are aware of it. Here are a few quotes to this new album:Veteran story tellers and brothers in arms, Richard J. Dobson and W.C. Jameson are a pair you can draw to. Prolific author, treasure-hunter, and songwriter Jameson, and expatriate Texan Dobson team up with a collection of songs of the kind people used to call country music. Though not prone to advertise it, they are plenty good people too — as are all the folks involved in the making of this record. Produced by Richard J. Dobson, Rick Dinsmore and Bradley Hartman; recorded and engineered by Bradley Hartman at The Lodge, Georgetown, Texas.
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