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1. THE QUEEN’S ROYAL PIPERS: The Flower of Scotland (Williamson) - 3:202. CLAN SUTHERLAND PIPE BAND: Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (D. Mac Leod) - 4:143. GRAMPIAN POLICE PIPE BAND: The Battle of the Somme (Lawrie) / The Festival March (R. Ackroyd) - 2:134. THE DAN AIR SCOTTISH PIPE BAND: Troy’s Wedding (C. Magee) / Rocking the Baby (trad., arr. Banks) / The Blackthorn Stick (trad., arr. Banks) / The Curlew (D. MacPherson) - 2:055. PRIDE OF MURRAY PIPE BAND: Stop yer Ticklin’ Jock (Lauder/Folley) / I Love a Lassie (Lauder/Grafton) / Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ (Lauder) / Bluebells of Scotland (trad.) - 2:576. THE BEESTON PIPE BAND, Nottingham: The Blackbird (trad., arr. C. Connet) / Willie’s Brogues (Angus Lawrie) / Murdoch MacAllister (R. MacNeil) / Thunderhead (G. Larson) / Duncan the Gauger (Evan MacRae) - 3:147. THE BEESTON PIPE BAND, Nottingham: Lord Lovat’s Lament (trad.) / The Battle of Waterloo (trad.) / Dr. Cam Stewart (P. Burrows) - 2:108. GRAMPIAN POLICE PIPE BAND: Highland Laddie (trad.) / The Brown Haired Maiden (trad.) / The Barren Rocks of Aden (PM A. MacKellar) - 2:129. THE BEESTON PIPE BAND, Nottingham: Lord Alexander Kennedy (J. Honeyman) / Maggie Cameron (trad.) / The York Reel (J. A. Barrie) - 4:1910. CLAN SUTHERLAND PIPE BAND: Pipe Solo (Craig MacIntosh) / Hugh Kennedy (P. R. MacLeod) / The Ewe wi’ the Crooked Horn (trad.) / The Sheepwife (trad.) - 4:0311. PRIDE OF MURRAY PIPE BAND: Prince Edward Island (A. M. Cairns) / Laird ‘o’ Dunblair (Y. S. Skinner) / Kirstie MacCallman’s Favourite (J. McLellan) / The Poisoned Dwarf (H. McAuley) / Buntata’s Sgadan (Macdonald) / Setting a Course for Lewis (trad.) / Thistledown (unidentified) / The Boys of Ballymote (trad.) / Isabel Blackley (C. Cameron) - 5:2512. THE QUEEN’S ROYAL PIPERS: The Balmoral Highlanders (Angus MacKay, arr. Banks) / The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday (Marshall, arr. Banks) / Thick Lies the Mist on Yonder Hill (trad. arr. Banks) / Inverinate House (trad. arr. Banks) / Sound of Sleat (D. McKinnon, arr. Banks) / Queen Elizabeth’s March (Ross) - 4:3413. CLAN SUTHERLAND PIPE BAND: William Sloane’s Air (A. T. Sloane) / Jack’s Jig (R. MacNeil) / Tripping up the Stairs (trad.) / The Swallow’s Tail (trad.) / The Korgie (J. Walsh) / Jimmy Blue (C. Craig) - 4:0614. THE QUEEN’S ROYAL PIPERS: His Father’s Lament for John Ban MacKenzie (trad, arr. Banks) - 4:55Bonus tracks:Music of Nova Scotia, Forrester’s Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company:15. Highland Fling / Broadswords - 3:47The Marquis of Huntley’s Highland Fling (Strathspey, trad.) / The Gravel Walk (Reel, trad.) / Kalabakan (Borneo) (Reel, P/M Angus MacDonald) / Lexy MacAskill (Reel, Dr. John N. MacAskill) Pipes & Drums, 1st Battalion Scots Guards: 16. Marches with a Twist! - 4:07Dawning of the Day (T. Connel, arr. B. Heriot/Ross McCrindle) / At Long Last (J. McHattie, arr. B. Heriot/Ross McCrindle)The Police Pipe Bands of Scotland17. STRATHCLYDE POLICE PIPE BAND: Highland Cathedral (Roever/Korb) - 2:47 Duncarron, Saor Patrol: Men o’ Galloway (Charlie ‘Chick’ Allan) - 4:15 Total playing time: 65:37 min.
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