20 Best of SWAMP POP from Louisiana

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Swamp Pop, going down memory lane. Indigenous to South Louisiana, this music is marked by highly emotional, plaintive vocals, simple, unaffected lyrics backed by a honky-tonk piano, bellowing sax sections and a strong R&B backbeat. Upbeat pieces often possess the bouncy rhythms of Cajun and Creole two-steps.Slow melancholic ballads exhibit the heart-broken ‘what’s-the-use-of-living’ laments common to many Cajun and black Creole compositions.1. JOHNNIE ALLAN: South to Louisiana (North to Alaska) (Mike Phillips, Johnny Horton / EMI Hastings Catalog) - 2:152. LIL BOB & THE LOLLIPOPS: You’re Pouring Water (Drew Baker, Danny McCormick / Warner-Tamerlane obo Pronto Music) - 2:483. KENNY TIBBS: (Holly Beach) Under the Boardwalk (Arthur Resnick, Kenny Young / Alley Music, Trio Music) - 3:534. ROD BERNARD & CLIFTON CHENIER: Shake, Rattle & Roll (Charles Calhoun / Hill & Range Songs) - 3:1615. COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: Mathilda (George Khoury, Huey Thierry / EMI Blackwood Music obo Combine Music) - 3:096. JOHNNIE ALLAN: Promised Land (Chuck Berry / Arc Music, NY) - 2:047. RUFUS JAGNEAUX: Opelousas Sostan (Benny Graeff, Victor Palmer / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 2:348. ROD BERNARD: This Should Go on Forever (Jay Miller, Bernard Jolivetto / Jamil Music) - 2:479. COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: Trouble in My Life (Huey Thierry, George Khoury / Su-Ma Publishing) - 2:3910. LEE MARTIN: There Goes That Train (Roy Hammond, McGill / Selma Music Corp) - 2:1111. SHELTON DUNAWAY & THE CUPCAKES: Betty and Dupree (Chuck Willis / Hill & Range Music, Tideland Music) - 2:3312. ROCKIN’ SIDNEY: Jalapeno Lena (Sidney Simien / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 3:3413. RANDY & THE ROCKETS: Genevieve (Dennis Norris / Fort Knox Music, Trio Music) - 2:4214. WARREN STORM: Prisoner’s Song (G. Massey / Shapiro Bernstein Pub.) - 2:1915. DARBY DOUGET: Mathilda Finally Come Back Home (Ernest Jacobs, Huey Thierry / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 2:1016. ROD BERNARD & CLIFTON CHENIER: My Jolie Blonde (trad., arr. Rod Bernard, Clifton Chenier / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 2:5517. HERBIE STUTES: I Love My Saturday Night (Herbie Stutes, James Edwards / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 2:2818. JOHNNIE ALLAN: Lil’ Fat Man (Leroy LeBlanc, Oran Guidry / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 2:1419. COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: Belinda (Huey Thierry, George Khoury / Flat Town Music, BMI) - 2:3020. LIL BOB & THE LOLLIPOPS: Nobody but You (Dee Clark / Sunflower Music) - 2:41Total playing time: 54:43 min.
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