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A fine and varied collection of Celtic music played on harps, guitars, fiddles, mandolins, bagpipes, flutes, etc. This album is a snapshot of the living reality of Celtic musical traditions in today's world, presenting music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Asturias (northern Spain), Wales and Galicia in a variety of sung and instrumental pieces. Info about each of the pieces.
1. Clannad: Turas Dhomhsa chon na Galldachd (trad., arr. Ciarán & Pól Brennan) - 2:58
2. Aryeh Frankfurter: The Morning Dew (trad., arr. Aryeh Frankfurter) - 5:15
3. Golden Bough: The Wren Boys / Gavin’s Hornpipe / Honeysuckle (trad., arr. Margie Butler) - 3:58
4. 1st Batallion Scots Guards: Happy Hour: Donald Cameron’s Powderhorn (D. Macleod, arr. A. Gordon/D. Barnett) / Barbara’s Jig (D. Johnston, arr. A. Gordon/D. Barnett) / Glasgow City Police Pipers (D. Macleod, arr. A. Gordon/D. Barnett) - 2:57
5. La Godinette: Suite de ridée 6 temps (trad., P. Lemou) - 3:20
6. Noel McLoughlin: The Hills of Connemara (trad., arr. McLoughlin) - 1:53

7. Mary Ann Kennedy: Air Leathad Slèibhe (Mary Ann Kennedy, lyr. George Campbell Hay) - 4:41
8. Sabugo ¡Tente Firme!: Kandanin (trad.) - 2:24
9. Gwyneth Glyn: Cwlwm (Gwyneth Glyn, arr. Dylan Fowler, lyr. Gwyneth Glyn/Twm Morys) - 3:43
10. 1st Batallion Scots Guards: Drum Salute (The Half Inched Pearl) (R. McCutcheon, arr. R. McCutcheon/S. McTaggart) - 3:37
11. Aryeh Frankfurter: Loftus Jones (O’Carolan, arr. A. Frankfurter) - 5:17
12. Kieran Fahy: Scholar / Caledonian (trad.) - 3:01
13. Os Rosales: Foliada das Ameixas (trad., arr. Maruxa Miguens, lyr. X. Romero Suárez) - 2:40
14. Yvon Etienne: Si j'ai le courage (Y. Etienne/L. Le Borgne) - 3:10
15. Jean-Yves Le Pape: Sliabh Geal Goua (trad., arr. Jacques Portal) - 3:21
16. Gwyneth Glyn: Caerdyni (Gwyneth Glyn, arr. Dylan Fowler/Gwyneth Glyn, lyr. Gwyneth Glyn) - 3:36
17. Meredydd Evans: Bachgen Bach o Dincer (trad., arr. Meredydd Evans) - 0:54
18. Kieran Fahy: Hewlett (trad., arr. Fahy) - 2:58
19. Bleizi Ruz: L'oiseau rare (P.Crépillon) - 3:21
20. Os Rosales: Muiñeira a Gatuxa (X. Romero Suárez) - 2:10
21. Siân James: Mwynen Merch (trad., arr. Siân James/G. Cynan/J. Thomas) - 3:53
22. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Ulrich Roever/Michael Korb) - 2:47

Total playing time: 72:00 min.

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