Times of Maharajas

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Times of Maharajas - Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan
The Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan are renowned for their live shows with dance, contortionists, fire breathers and choruses of traditional folk songs and light classical music from North India. This album takes the listener back to the times of the Maharajas, of ceremonies celebrating life, marriage and nature.
- Performed over twelve hundred concerts in over one hundred countries, delighting audiences for the last seventeen years. Thus, DHOAD are known today as “the Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan”.
- “…hypnotic, joyous and instantly likeable.” – The Irish Times
- “…keeping alive a vibrant musical tradition.”– Limelight Magazine
- “…A magical night and a miracle of rare device.” – Gig Junkies
- “…An opportunity to begin opening a door to a new world.” – Roots Travellers Blog

1. Sona ra button banna (The Prince is Born) - 5:42
2. Breathing Under the Water - 2:33
3. Janwariyo (Romantic Peacock) - 4:51
4. Dhanra Saheba ji (Dream Wedding) - 6:13
5. Lullaby - 3:25
6. Nagar bêle (Never Let You Go) - 4:31
7. Royal Dance of Rajasthan Ghoomar - 6:04
8. Badila leta (Bring My Love) - 3:16
9. Tabla Solo - 4:32
10. Begha ghara ayo (Maharani Longing for Maharaja) - 5:03

Total playing time: 46:50 min.

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