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Le Kinross and District Pipe Band a été formé à l’été de 1946 pour participer à des galas locaux, à des festivals et à des compétitions de cornemuses. Au cours de sa longue histoire, le groupe a été récompensé lors de championnats du monde et de galas de cérémonie. Un bel album de pipes et de tambours vraiment écossais.

The Kinross and District Pipe Band was formed in the summer of 1946 to play at local galas, festival events and pipe band competitions. During its long history the band has been awarded at World Championships and ceremony galas. A truly Scottish, beautiful album of pipes and drums.
1. Lochanside (John MacLellan Dunoon) - 1:45
2. Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (D. MacLeod) - 4:23
Bengullion (B. Fleming)
Pipe Major Sam Scott (P. R. MacLeod)
3. Wee Pat (D. Barnes) - 4:30
Dalnahassaig (G. S. MacLennan)
O’er the Bows to Ballindalloch (G. S. MacLennan)
Nora O’Neil (trad.)
Heather Island (trad.)
Tripping up the Stairs (trad.)
Doug Boyd’s Favourite (Neil Dickie)
The Binious (Hughes)
4. The Mason’s Apron (trad.) - 5:21
Steal Away (trad.)
Queen of the Rushes (trad.)
Rocking the Baby (trad.)
Crossing the Minch (D. MacLeod)
5. Big Oz (D. Barnes) - 4:21
Molly Connell (J. Wark)
Mac an’ Irish (trad.)
Christie MacLeod (Angus MacDowell)
Shetland Reel (trad.)
Achmore Loch (A. MacIver)
Wee Buns (trad.)
Jig in the Middle (Anon.)
6. Gillian’s Reel (D. Barnes) - 4:23
Snake Hips (D. Barnes)
Mercury Sweep (D. Barnes)
Lough Conn (trad.)
O’Rourke’s Reel (D. Barnes)
7. Loch Lomond (trad., A. Murphy) - 3:39
Stop your Tickling Jock (trad., A. Murphy)
Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie (trad., A. Murphy)
I Love a Lassie (trad., A. Murphy)
Roses O’ Prince Charlie (trad., A. Murphy)
8. Lochiel’s Welcome (Alex Cameron) - 3:45
Steamboat (trad.)
RSPBA’s Welcome to Pittodrie (Robertson)
Major Bobby (Hamish McColl)
9. Glencoe (trad.) - 2:41
The Piper’s Waltz (trad.)
10. We’re no awa tae bide awa (trad.) - 1:04
11. The Kesh Jig (trad.) - 2:36
Tam Fraser Jig (Grey)
Merrily Danced the Quaker’s Wife (trad.)
The Eavesdropper (trad.)
Going to the Well for Water (trad.)
12. Highland Wedding (A. Mackay) - 4:10
Dorrator Bridge (J. Braidwood)
Brown Haired Maid (trad., arr. D. MacLeod)
13. The Barren Rocks of Aden (A. Mackellor) - 2:09
The Brown Haired Maiden (trad.)
Highland Laddie (trad.)
14. Silver Threads among the Gold (trad.) - 3:43
Maggie (trad.)
MacPherson’s Rant (trad.)
The Lea Rigg (trad.)
Wha Saw the 42nd (trad.)
15. The Green Berets (trad., arr. R. Murphy) - 2:03

Total playing time: 51:21 Min

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