Resilience - Songs of Uganda

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Rachel Magoola / Resilience - Songs of Uganda

- Key member of one of Uganda’s top groups The Afrigo Band.
- As an Honourable Member of Parliament, Rachel is known as the ‘Singing MP’.
- Resilience - upbeat, warm and harmonious songs that encourage positivity and unity.
Rachel is an Honourable Member of Parliament representing the Bugweri District, who has used her successful singing career, six previous solo albums, to help the people of Uganda. Recordedduring the Covid-19 pandemic, this album focuseson upbeat harmonious songs that encourage positivity and unity.
Influenced by the country’s history and its cultural spectrum, it features native instruments from the various regions of Uganda, such as theembuutu(drum), endingidi (single-stringed fiddle) and akogo (thumb piano).
1. Sunsuuni (The Hunter’s Sunbird) - 4:05
2. Kati Kantwaala (A Stick Takes Me) - 3:22
3. Bufuubi (Orphan) - 4:04
4. Serubonera - 3:12
5. Otuuse (You have Arrived) - 3:31
6. Maama Mutesi (My Mother Mutesi) - 4:38
7. Mugati gwa Butter (Bread with Butter) - 4:17
8. Emaali (Bride Price) - 3:38
9. Gabula (King Gabula) - 4:40
10. Muduku (Gun) - 5:05
11. Ejotoori Jo (Sleep you, Please) - 2:31

Total playing time: 43:38 min.

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