Album Leaves - Piano Miniatures

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Varvara Manukyan, piano
Album Leaves - Piano Miniatures

As a true devotee for keyboard instruments Varvara Manukyan plays forte piano, piano and harpsichord. Her deep appreciation for compositions enable her to find and express her remarkable interpretation of compositions. For Manukyan performing means reducing the personal approach, while allowing the composers intention to show through.

Based on her personal interest in the historical context of playing keyboard instruments, Varvara Manukyan was trained on authentic instruments. Therefore, her repertoire embraces the earliest keyboard instruments from the sixteenth century as well as contemporary music. Though Manukyan is a true cosmopolitan, she enjoys supporting her homeland Armenia by spreading the richness of armenian music towards her audience.

1 Robert Schumann (1810-1865) Arabeske op.18 C Dur (1839) 07:57
2 Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) Prelude op.28 Nr.1 C Dur Agitato 00:45
3 Alexander Skrjabin (1872-1915) Prelude op.11 Nr.1 C Dur Vivace 01:01
4 Frederic Chopin- Prelude op.28 Nr.2 a Moll Lento 01:42
5 Alexander Skrjabin- Prelude op.11 Nr.2 a Moll Allegretto 02:14
6 A. Skrjabin- Prelude op.11 Nr.3 G Dur Vivo 01:06
7 Chopin- Prelude op.28 Nr.3 G Dur Vivace 01:25
8 Chopin- Prelude op.28 Nr.4 e Moll Largo 01:45
9 Skrjabin- Prelude op.11 Nr.4 e Moll Lento 01:45
10 Skrjabin - Prelude op.11 Nr.5 D Dur Andante cantabile 01:48
11 Skrjabin- Prelude op.11 Nr.6 h Moll Allegro 01:04
12 Chopin- Prelude op.28 Nr.9 E Dur Largo 01:32
13 Chopin- Prelude op.28 Nr.10 cis Moll Allegro molto 00:39
14 Chopin- Prelude op.28 Nr.11 H Dur Vivace 00:50
15 -18 Eric Satie (1866-1925) Quatre Ogives (1886)
15 Ogives: I 02:04
16 Ogives: II 02:18
17 Ogives: III 01:56
18 Ogives: IV 02:22
19 Chopin Nocturne op.15 Nr.1 F Dur (1833) 03:59
20-22 Arsen A.Babajanyan (1986)
«Skizzen für Katharina » (2018-2019)
20 Skizze I (morning glory) 01:58
21 Zufällige Begegnung ( English : Random Meeting) 02:25
22 Skizze II 01:42
23 Chopin- Nocturne op.15 Nr.2 Fis Dur 03:41
24 Chopin- Nocturne op.15 Nr.3 g Moll 03:37
25 Arsen A.Babajanyan Skizze IV 02:32
26 Arsen A. Babajanyan „A Little lament“ a Moll 02:34
27-29 Eric Satie Trios Gymnopedies (1888)
27 Nr.1 Lent et douloureux 02:36
28 Nr.2 Lent et triste 02:25
29 Nr.3 Lent et grave 02:29

Total length: 01:04:27

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