Return To A Past Future

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1. Prologue2. Stroboscope3. Interlude I4. Hypernacula5. Interlude II6. Lithomon7. Interlude III8. Photonia9. Interlude IV10. Torpedo11. Interlude V12. Alienizer13. Interlude VI14. Sirius B15. Interlude VII16. 201017. Interlude VIII18. Turnus X19. Interlude IX20. Mare Nubium21. Interlude X22. Cozmo23. Interlude XI24. Infinity25. EpilogueImmanuel Brockhaus - composition, keyboards, sound programmingThomas Maeder - saxophones, theremin, percussionPierangelo Crescenzio – electric bassAndreas Schnyder – drumsInjaztigator, a neologism formed out of the words Jazz and Investigator, shows the direction. Already the first album “The Grammar Of Life” was a concept album searching for the echoes of the Beat Generation authors in the present. The new album “Return To A Past Future” is inspired by the vision of the future, as it was perceived back in the 60s and 70s. This was the “Space Age “ time, a time in which the discovery of outer space and the search of new frontiers were omnipresent.The music of Injaztigator is an interesting mixture of retro sounds from the 60s and 70s and contemporary electronic jazz with a strong groove component! The album was recorded using exclusively analog synthesizers and tone generators. Analog signal pathways were mainly used in the studio and the instruments were mostly recorded with vintage microphones using an analog Studer console.
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