Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie

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1. MEDLEY: (Vocalist: George Barclay) CLAP HANDS, HERE COMES CHARLIE/MARCH WINDS AND APRIL SHOWERS 2. I RAISED MY HAT (Vocalist: Phyllis Robbins) 3. DEAR STRANGER (Vocalist: Harry Bentley) 4. BY A WATERFALL (Vocalist: Harry Bentley) 5. HARBOUR LIGHTS (Vocalist: George Barclay) 6. RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET (Vocalist: George Barclay) 7. UNLESS (Vocalist: Dan Donovan) 8. MEMORIES OF HOURS SPENT WITH YOU (Vocalist: Harry Bentley) 9. DID MY HEART BEAT, DID I FALL IN LOVE? (Vocalist: Eve Becke) 10. CRYING MY HEART OUT FOR YOU (Vocalist: Vera Lynn) 11. ON THE GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP (Vocalist: Orchestra) 12. DID YOUR MOTHER COME FROM IRELAND? (Vocalist: Vera Lynn) 13. LAZY BONES (Vocalist: Phyllis Robbins) 14. THERE'S NO GREEN GRASS ROUND THE OLD NORTH POLE (Vocalists: George Barclay And Chorus) 15. THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN (Vocalists: George Barclay And Chorus) 16. LET'S SIT THIS ONE OUT (Vocalists: Eve Becke And Harry Bentley) 17. SHE FELL FOR A FELLER FROM OOPSALA (Vocalists: George Barclay And Chorus) 18. MOONSTRUCK (Vocalist: Harry Bentley) 19. BOO-HOO (Vocalist: George Barclay) 20. SOMEONE TO CARE FOR (Vocalist: George Barclay) 21. ROAMING (Vocalist: Dan Donovan) 22. I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (Vocalist: Vera Lynn)
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