Today is a Good Day

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Date de disponibilité : 2016-06-02
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1. The Girl from Westmeath 2. So Sad 3. Mother 4. I Am Weak 5. Where I Belong 6. Today Is a Good Day 7. Girl on the Corner 8. Faith, Love and Hope 9. Sometimes 10. Whom Shall We Turn To? 11. Comin' Home 12. Ta Mo Chroi In Eirinn 13. Leaving Portaferry - 2016 14. Where I Belong - Live«today is a good day» is Brendan Monaghan’s fifth release on Brambus Records. The album is a collection of songs reflecting on the emotions of love, loss, faith and belonging. From the up tempo track “the girl from Westmeath” to the moving ballad “mother” to the hopeful title track “today is a good day” the moods and tempos vary as the album progresses on its journey.Brendan Monaghan is one of the finest songwriters from the Belfast area in Northern Ireland. Since his early years with "The Cattle Company" he wrote songs that match perfectly in the Irish tradition and he constantly tours to develop his fan base.
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