Folk Music of China. Vol.7 : Yi and Qiang tribes in Sichuan and Yunnan

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Folk Music of China, Vol. 7 - Folk Songs of the Yi and Qiang tribes in Sichuan and Yunnan

This album features songs from the Qiang and the Yi tribes from the mountainous regions of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in southwestern China. The album includes lively short dance songs in duple metre and long melodious labour or love songs that employ a free rhythm.

1. Qi La Wa Ge Er, a Shalang song 01:34
2. Ni Sa, a ritual song 01:53
3. Ge Bu Ze Ni Ruo Yi Mo, a labour song 02:38
4. Suo Ya La Bai Ma, a Shalang song 01:44
5. Ha Zhu La Yi, a harvest song 01:33
6. Tao Gan Tao, a celebration song 01:32
7. A Wine Song (Qiang Tribe) 01:57
8. Ji Si Ke Ni Ruo Yi Mo, a Shalang song 01:15
9. Xia Mi, an animal grazing song 02:08
10. O La Yi You, a toasting song 01:57
11. Nanjian Da Ge, a dancing song 02:02
12. Treat Our Guests to Drinks 01:00
13. A Bridal Song (Yi Tribe) 02:22
14. Perform Da Ge until Dawn 01:00
15. Seaweed Song 01:22
16. Song of Compliments 01:05
17. Da Ge Song 01:09
18. A Happy Song (Yi Tribe) 02:13
19. Missing a Lover (Yi Tribe Female Solo) 02:55
20. A Love Song Duet (Yi Tribe) 02:31
21. Love Song of the Yi 01:04
22. Picking Flowers 02:42
23. Perform Da Ge until Mountains Move 01:33
24. Missing a Lover (Yi Tribe Male Chorus) 00:50
25. Four Songs About Alcohol 02:00

Total Playing Time: 43:59

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