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Buryat language is included in the list of endangered languages in the world. With their music, the band NAMGAR contribute to the preservation of their native language by endorsing the beauty of the Buryat people’s songs. Their aim is to save and promote traditional Buryat melodies by working with archives, collecting songs, and performing them both in their homeland and around the world.

In 2019, band members Evgeny Zolotarev and Namgar Lkhasaranova worked in the archives of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, collecting 100 forgotten traditional Buryat songs, four of which feature on this album.

Nayan Navaa is the ancestral home of the Buryats, the land from which they came. Nayan Navaa is here, in our heart, it is in our relatives, in our land on which we walk. You don't need to look for her, you don't need to imagine that it is somewhere, far away. It's here next to us. You need to feel it and accept it in your soul, in your heart! This album is about a life full of sun, kindness, compassion and joy in our own land.
V. Zhalsanov

1. Boori deeguur yabakhadaa (Hunter’s Song) - 4:56
2. Khadin khursa nogoondo (Green Grass) - 5:43
3. Urda uula (South Mountain) - 6:47
4. Tokhoi zandan emeelee - Yokhor (Round Song of Steppe Buryats) - 4:12
5. Zakhyaa duun (Father’s Song) - 2:27
6. Ailshaluulaarai (Wedding Song) - 5:06
7. Yaboo-Aidoo (Round Dance of Buryats from the Baykal lake region) - 5:30 (first single)
8. Geree sheneen gazarta - Yokhor (Popular Round Dance in Buryatia) - 4:07
9. Zandan khuren (Wedding Song) - 4:09
10. Unagan boriim khatarin’ (Running Horse) - 5:42
11. Nayan Navaa (Land of the Ancestors) - 4:27

Total playing time: 53:30 min.

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