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Beethoven Cello Sonatas with Double Bass Vol. 1Beethoven Sonata F major op. 5, No. 1with Hansjacob Staemmler (piano)1. Adagio sostenuto 03:112. Allegro 15:413. Rondo. Allegro vivace 07:21Beethoven Sonata A major op. 69with Ulrich Rademacher (piano)4. Allegro ma non tanto 12:585. Scherzo. Allegro molto 05:206. Adagio cantabile 01:437. Allegro vivace 06:53Beethoven Sonata D major op. 102, No. 2with Maria Sofianska (piano)8. Allegro 07:179. Adagio con molto sentimento d'affetto 09:4910. Allegro fugato 04:31Because of their high level of musical sophistication and the technical difficulties they pose, Beethoven’s works present a formidable challenge to any interpreter. For me, with my innate tendency to perfectionism, there was no question of a superficial approach to the sonatas. Accordingly, even after my first success playing Beethoven’s Sonata in A major, Opus 69 on the double bass in the year 2000, I immersed myself deeply in the details of style and technique and in perfecting my approach, until I arrived at the present outcome. Only at this point, after more than ten years, did I feel that I was sufficiently mature to take on this great project and realize my dream. I was now ready to perform all of Beethoven’s cello sonatas on the double bass.
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