Music of the Old Jewish World

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1. Odessa Bulgar (Bulgar from Odessa) - 3:342. Ydidi hashachachta (My Beloved, have You Forgotten)- 4:433. Por la tu puerta (I Passed by Your Door) - 3:524. Hijaz mandilatos - 5:205. Hassidic Twins - 5:186. Papirosn (Cigarettes) - 6:337. Mandolin Melody / A Nakht in gan Eydn (A Night in the Garden of Eden) - 4:548. S’dremlyn feygel (Birds are Dozing) - 4:069. Avrix mi galanica (Open the Door my Love) - 3:3110. Sha, shtil, makht nisht keyn gerider! (Shh, don’t Make a Sound!) - 4:4611. Melody from a Burning Bush (Hassidic Melody) - 3:5112. Noches, noches (Nights, Nights) - 4:4213. Ben, shpil es noch a mol (Play it again Ben) - 3:1214. Ay Mancebo (Young Man) - 3:4215. Baym Rebins Sude (At the Rabbi’s Table) - 4:13Total playing time: 66: 47 min.Exuberance, defiance, celebration and ribald wit all come together on the emotional rollercoaster ride that is a Burning Bush performance. Foot-tapping Klezmer, exotic Arab-influenced dance music and haunting, mystical ballads of the Jewish ghetto, combine into an irresistible album. A magical journey into nostalgia, hope and joy.
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